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Baath Party Leader Killed in Daraa Countryside

A Baath party leader has been gunned down in the Daraa governorate, writes Jesr Press.
Baath Party Leader Killed in Daraa Countryside

The head of a local branch of Syria’s ruling Baath Party was killed by unidentified gunmen on Sunday, May 9, in the eastern province of Daraa.

According to local news page Daraa 24, unidentified gunmen shot directly and immediately killed Mohammed Yusuf al-Diat, the head of the Baath Party division in the town of al-Sahoah, located in the rural eastern Daraa Governorate.

According to Daraa 24, the assassination took place in the center of al-Sahoah, where Diat was ambushed by unidentified gunmen, who shot the victim and then fled.

Diat’s assassination forms part of a series of ongoing assassinations in the Daraa Governorate. These killings have occurred despite a settlement and reconciliation agreement being signed by Daraa residents and Russian-sponsored “regime forces.”

The assassination occurred after a young man was killed on Saturday by an armed group. The victim refused to stop at a military checkpoint on a road in the eastern Daraa countryside.

This coincided with the arrest of three citizens of Daraa, on Saturday, by security forces. One man was arrested at a checkpoint in Damascus, while the other two men were arrested in the city of Tafs, in the western countryside of Daraa. No information was disclosed about the reasons for these arrests.


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