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News About a Government Reshuffle

Syria is heading towards an imminent change in the cabinet, as the crisis worsens, according to Hashtag Syria.
News About a Government Reshuffle
News About a Government Reshuffle

Amid the continuing deterioration of living conditions and the accompanying economic crises, represented by the continuation of the series of rising prices, declining purchasing power, and inflated markets, new echoes emerged about the imminent occurrence of a government change that the Syrian street dealt with and through social media with a kind of indifference.

The news circulated on social media pages and personalities did not specify what that government change was or when, but only some hints about the poor living situation and the need for radical change that would improve the Syrian economy, and bring it back to the path of progress and development after a war that exhausted its entity and drained its energies. This did not change the superficial reactions to it. 

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Salman Shabib, chairman of the founding body of the “Syria First” party, points out in his declaration to Hashtag Syria that the attitude of indifference that the Syrians portray in response to the news of the government amendment is normal and legitimate. It became fully aware that the real problem is not in the ministers but in the economic approach that runs the country, in the case of corruption that controls the economic joints of the nation, and in the dominance of the war-rich, its merchants, and its traders. 

Shabib pointed out that the sanctions, war, and siege do not justify the state of confusion and inability shown by governments in addressing these sanctions and mitigating their impact on the basics of life in Syria. He considered that most of all, it is crucial to confront a group of wild opportunists that exploit this with more systematic looting of the Syrian economy, stressing that Syria is a country rich in natural and human resources. 

Shabib considered that any government reform would take place in accordance with the same previous mechanisms and within the same economic and political approach that existed before, even if it came with altruistic ministers, the results would not be on the ground.


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