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Harasta Reconciliation Figures Call to Support Assad

While reconciliation figures express support for Assad, security forces have arrested several individuals, writes Sowt Al-Asima.
Harasta Reconciliation Figures Call to Support Assad

On Sunday, March 14, Political Security patrols in Harasta carried out a campaign of arrests of two residents of the city, after raiding homes and workshops in the vicinity of the al-Hassan Mosque.

The Sowt Al-Asima correspondent said that the patrols arrested a young man from the Haidar family from his workplace, and another young man from the Antar family from his home, despite the fact that they were part of the security settlement years ago, when the regime had full control over all of eastern Ghouta.

The arrests coincided with calls by reconciliation figures in the city, inviting Harasta residents to support Bashar al-Assad in the upcoming presidential elections, saying that he should be shown full support as he was the one who enabled the return of security and safety to eastern Ghouta.

Sheikh Abu Hussein Shaker, one of the reconciliation figures in Harasta, used the city’s mosques to call for electing Assad, and formed a loyal march that went to the headquarters of the 4th Division in the city in support of Assad and his army.

The members of the reconciliation appealed to the people of Harasta to return the youth and families in northern Syria to the city, through the reconciliation committees. This comes under the pretext that the city has become safe for the return of the displaced and refugees and that the time has come to stand by the Syrian Army and the leader of the homeland during the presidential elections.

The Sowt Al-Asima team documented the arrest of 453 people in 2020 — including 15 women, 56 children, and two people with special needs. Charges brought against them were related to security and criminal issues, communication with opposition parties, and charges related to terrorism. 


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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