Sisi’s Visit to Damascus, Truce with Israel, Discussed During Meeting Between Louqa and Nasrallah

Louqa's recurrent visits to Nasrallah since the start of the Aqsa Flood operation on October 7, 2023, have addressed various issues, as reported by the source.

In Beirut, Major General Hussam Louqa, head of the Syrian regime’s General Intelligence Directorate, arrived at the Lebanese capital Beirut at the end of last weekend for a meeting with Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. According to Lebanese political sources confirmed by the Syria TV website, Louqa, who had previously conducted visits to Gulf and Arab countries, presented Nasrallah with insights into the political and security situation in Syria, stressing the importance of de-escalation and avoiding further conflict.

Louqa’s recurrent visits to Nasrallah since the start of the Aqsa Flood operation on October 7, 2023, have addressed various issues, as reported by the source.

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Discussions included the resumption of Arab diplomatic communications, particularly with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which briefly paused before the Gaza conflict. These communications were reactivated by the Syrian regime to prevent involvement in the conflict and to discourage the use of Syrian territory for actions against Israel.

There was an in-depth conversation regarding the aftermath of the military operation targeting the American base in the al-Tanf Triangle, resulting in casualties among American soldiers and prompting a response targeting Iranian-affiliated sites in Syria and Iraq. This discussion also involved Iranian efforts to prevent escalation with the United States in the Middle East, including communications through regional and international intermediaries.

The conversation between Nasrallah and Louqa also addressed ongoing repositioning and withdrawal operations of Iranian personnel from Hezbollah in Syria, amid continued Israeli targeting of Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard officials, and security breaches in Syria and Lebanon.

Louqa briefed Nasrallah on ongoing communications between the Syrian regime and officials in Iraq and Jordan, amidst heightened border tensions, particularly with Jordan, and military operations by the Jordanian Air Force targeting specific sites in Syria, related to preventing weapons smuggling to the West Bank via Jordan.

In a related context, Louqa informed Nasrallah about the visits of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi and UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed to Damascus, aimed at reviving the regime’s official presence in the Arab world. He also confirmed ongoing communications with Saudi Arabia through various channels, facilitating travel, pilgrimage, and Umrah for citizens in regime-held areas.

Following the meeting, Louqa departed from Lebanon without engaging in further political meetings with allies of the Syrian regime in Lebanon, indicating that the visit was solely focused on the situation in Syria and its surroundings.


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