Who is Hassan Okasha Assassinated by Israel in Syria?

A local source in the countryside of Damascus informed al-Souria Net that Ali Okasha held the position of battalion commander for the Free Army.

The Israeli military reported the elimination of Hassan Okasha in the Beit Jinn area on Monday. According to spokesperson Avichai Adraee, Okasha was responsible for launching Hamas rockets from Syrian territory into Israel in recent weeks. Adraee stated that Okasha had been directing Hamas terrorist cells involved in rocket attacks on Israel from Syria since the beginning of the conflict. According to activist Nour Abu Hassan, Okasha is known as “Dushka” in Beit Jinn.  

The same source, an activist from the Syrian border areas with the Golan, also mentioned that Okasha played a role in firing rockets at Israel during the battles of Beit Jinn in 2015, a conflict between the factions of the Free Syrian Army and Assad’s forces.

Hassan Okasha’s brother, Ali Okasha, known as Abu JJarrah, met his demise last September, along with Zahar al-Saadi, nicknamed Abu Alaa, when they were targeted by an Israeli drone. A local source in the countryside of Damascus informed al-Souria Net that Ali Okasha held the position of battalion commander for the Free Army in the region in 2016.

Syria Today – US Targeted in Syria; ISIS Leader Killed

In 2017, Assad’s forces gained control of the Beit Jinn area after several Free Army fighters relocated to northern Syria as part of what the regime termed a “settlement.”

Arabi 21 reported, citing Palestinian sources, that Okasha and Saadi were affiliated with the Islamic Jihad movement in Syria. The sources affirmed that both individuals had a strong connection with the military commander Akram al-Ajouri, who leads the al-Quds Brigades of the Islamic Jihad.

Unprecedented wave 

In light of Israel’s heightened activities in Syria and Lebanon, specifically its targeting of prominent leaders and an apparent intensification of its “assassination” policy, Reuters reported on Monday, citing six sources, that Israel is conducting an unprecedented series of deadly strikes in Syria. These strikes aim at cargo trucks, infrastructure, and individuals associated with the arms supply chain facilitated by Iran to its regional proxies.

The sources revealed that, unlike previous instances, Israel is now executing more lethal airstrikes specifically against Iranian arms transfers and air defence systems within Syria. According to a commander in the regional coalition and other informed sources, Israel appears to have departed from the previously unspoken rules that characterized its strikes in Syria, demonstrating a newfound willingness to inflict substantial losses on Hezbollah in the region. 


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