Fidan: Turkey Working to Prevent New Conflict Between Regime and Opposition in Syria

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan emphasized Turkey's commitment to preventing new conflicts between the Syrian regime and opposition factions, according to Shaam Network.

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan emphasized Turkey’s commitment to preventing new conflicts between the Syrian regime and opposition factions, based on the Astana track agreement with Russia and Iran. In an interview on the Turkish channel NTV, Fidan addressed the multifaceted nature of contact with the Assad regime, stressing the need for both direct and indirect engagement at various levels. He outlined Turkey’s priorities in averting clashes between the regime and the opposition, emphasizing the prevention of new migration waves and fostering an environment that encourages reconciliation on both sides. Additionally, Fidan underscored the importance of adopting a political stance geared towards peace and future-building.

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Highlighting the PKK’s tendency to exploit conflicts for its benefit, Fidan explained that Turkey’s intensive diplomatic efforts aimed at conflict prevention align with its broader campaign against the PKK. He noted the significant intelligence and military initiatives undertaken to address this challenge.

During a parliamentary discussion on the Foreign Ministry’s 2024 budget, Minister Fidan reiterated Turkey’s unwavering commitment to Syria’s territorial integrity and political unity. He expressed Ankara’s continued support for a political solution in Syria, particularly through adherence to the UN Security Council resolution for civil peace. Fidan emphasized ongoing efforts, both on the ground and at the negotiation table, in pursuit of these goals. Furthermore, he highlighted Turkey’s determination to prevent the establishment of international terrorist entities in northern Syria.


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