Jordanian Army Shoots Down a Drone Loaded with “Crystal” Drug Coming from Syria

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has previously underscored his country's unwavering commitment to combat drug trafficking, according to al-Modon.

On Monday, the Jordanian army announced the successful interception of a drone transporting illicit drugs from Syria, marking the first such incident in September and the second within a week.

According to a military spokesperson, border security forces, in collaboration with the Drug Enforcement Administration and various military security agencies, detected an illegal attempt by a drone to breach the Syrian-Jordanian border. The drone was subsequently shot down within Jordanian territory.

The spokesperson disclosed that the drone was carrying a significant quantity of the narcotic substance known as “crystal” and has since been turned over to the appropriate authorities.

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He emphasized, “The Jordanian armed forces remain resolute in dealing decisively with any threats along our border and any actions aimed at undermining our homeland’s security and intimidating our citizens.”

This incident represents the first drone interception by the Jordanian army in September, with the previous occurrence happening just a week earlier on August 28th. However, it was not clarified whether the earlier drone was carrying narcotics or explosives.

On August 16th, the Jordanian military reported intercepting a drone attempting to smuggle TNT explosives from Syria into Jordan. Prior to that, on August 13, another drone carrying drugs from Syria was successfully shot down. Going back to July 24, yet another drone loaded with narcotics from Syria was intercepted.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has previously underscored his country’s unwavering commitment to combat drug trafficking, even if it necessitates military actions within Syrian territory.


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