First Lady Urges Collective Responsibility to Ensure Every Child’s Right to be Heard

Asma al-Assad expounded on the notion that a nation's children hold paramount importance in safeguarding its future, according to al-Watan.

The First Lady, Mrs. Asma al-Assad, emphasized the feasibility of early detection and effective treatment for hearing impairment in newborns, provided timely intervention is pursued, during her address at the launch of the National Program for Early Detection and Intervention of Newborns’ Hearing Deficiency in Damascus on Saturday.

Mrs. al-Assad underscored that the responsibility to ensure early detection and intervention for neonatal hearing loss is a shared endeavour, embodying the core essence of the national initiative.

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Highlighting healthcare as a pivotal criterion for societal progress and advancement, Mrs. al-Assad accentuated its humanistic, productive, and developmental dimensions. She emphasized that nurturing a healthy populace is both a moral and humanitarian duty, as individuals are the cornerstone of humanitarian and medical endeavours, with children being the primary beneficiaries of such services.

Mrs. al-Assad expounded on the notion that a nation’s children hold paramount importance in safeguarding its future. The well-being of children reflects the safety and security of society at large, ultimately shaping the course of generations to come.

While acknowledging the comprehensive nature of the national program as a significant stride in healthcare, Mrs. al-Assad lauded it as a tangible manifestation of Syria’s swift adoption of robust public health policies.

With a candid assessment of the formidable and diverse challenges at the national level, Mrs. al-Assad emphasized that these hindrances must not impede progress across various domains.

Concluding her address, Mrs. al-Assad rallied all segments of society, including families, communities, and institutions, to fulfill their collective responsibility in enabling each child to have a voice that deserves to be heard.


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