From Jeddah, Mekdad Calls on Arabs to Rebuild Syria as Condition for Refugees Return

Mekdad expressed optimism about the constructive role of Arab nations in facilitating the repatriation of refugees, according to Syria TV.

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal al-Mekdad, during a meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, emphasized the importance of Arab involvement in reconstruction as a prerequisite for the return of Syrian refugees.

Mekdad expressed optimism about the constructive role of Arab nations in facilitating the repatriation of refugees and welcomed their participation in the reconstruction efforts.

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He highlighted the significance of this Arab involvement in supporting the refugees’ return and ensuring the reconstruction process effectively rebuilds Syria’s damaged infrastructure.

Mekdad also acknowledged that the proposed resolutions at the preparatory meetings for the Arab summit aligned with Syria’s perspective on crisis resolution and its regional and international role.

Moreover, the Syrian regime insisted on commencing the reconstruction of Syria before addressing matters concerning the return of Syrian refugees.

Deputy Foreign Minister Ayman Sousan disclosed that the preparatory meeting in Jeddah covered various topics, including Sudan, Libya, and the repatriation of Syrian refugees.

Sousan linked the return of refugees to reconstruction, emphasizing that the regime has implemented amnesty decrees, national reconciliations, and facilitation procedures. However, he noted that the return of refugees necessitates the provision of essential services in their respective areas. He highlighted the interdependence between refugee repatriation and reconstruction in ensuring a dignified return.

Sousan accused countries imposing sanctions on the Syrian regime of obstructing the return of refugees. He questioned the feasibility of reconstruction amid economic blockades and sanctions, stating that it is these coercive measures that impede the practical return of Syrian refugees to their country.


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