Turkish Presidential Candidate Proposes Joint Syrian-Turkish Military Operation

Sinan Ogan has expressed his desire to meet with President Assad.

The Syrian issue is strongly present in the Turkish presidential elections, as it has become one of the main issues addressed by presidential candidates. 

Turkish presidential candidate Sinan Ogan has expressed his desire to meet with President Assad, stating, “I look forward to meeting with the Syrian president. We have already indicated our intention to meet, and we are committed to finding a solution. Retaliation between nations must not be tolerated, and communication channels between countries should remain open.” These comments were reported by the Russian news agency “Sputnik.”

Deadly Figures After Earthquake

Ogan emphasized the importance of Syrians who are currently residing in Turkey returning to their homeland as a crucial step towards reconciliation. He stated, “Meeting with President Bashar al-Assad is essential in order to put an end to internal conflicts in Syria, disarm armed groups, and establish peace.”  

Regarding the current situation in Syria and Damascus’ call for Turkish forces to withdraw from the country, Ogan stated, “Turkey is not an occupying force in Syria. Our priority is to ensure stability in the region. The United States is attempting to establish a state in Syria with the support of the PKK.” He proposed a joint military operation between Syria and Turkey against the PKK, saying, “Let us work together to conduct an operation against the PKK. Once this operation is complete, we will certainly respect Syria’s territorial integrity and comply with their demand.”  

During a press interview in Moscow, President Bashar al-Assad confirmed that he would not meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unless Turkey withdraws its forces from Syrian territory or sets a schedule for withdrawal. In response to this, former Turkish ambassador to Damascus, Omar Anun, wrote an article in the newspaper Asharq al-Awsat, expressing concern that Erdogan’s meeting with Assad did not yield positive results. Anun stated, “Erdogan is looking for concrete results from his meeting with President Assad before the crucial elections on May 14. He needs to demonstrate that he can still make progress and solve problems despite the challenges.”

Another opposition party will close refugee deportation centers 

In contrast, the Green Left Party (YSP)  announced its intention to close deportation centers and protect refugees from being sent to the countries from which they fled. 

This statement was made at an event in the Turkish capital, Ankara, organized by the Green Left Party, which was attended by the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), as well as several other political parties and civil organizations. The purpose of the event was to announce the party’s electoral platform under the banner of “We are here, together for change.”  

The Green Left Party has announced that it will participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections on May 14th as part of a joint list with the Peoples Democratic Party (HDP). The party has emphasized its commitment to combatting racism and providing essential services to all individuals without discrimination. They have stated, “We pledge to provide free healthcare to all individuals in the country, regardless of their gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, region, profession, or refugee status.”  

“We will fight racism on the basis of anti-refugeeism. We are here to defend the right to life of everyone living in the country and ensure equality and coexistence.”   

The Green Left Party has pledged to safeguard the rights of refugees who have been forced to flee from conflict zones to Turkey. They have promised to provide basic social services and ensure the safety of their lives, property, and finances. Furthermore, the party has committed to closing deportation centers.

The Green Left Party (YSP) was formed on November 25, 2012, as a result of the merger between the Equality and Democracy Party and the Green Party. The party identifies itself as a political organization that is grounded in green politics.


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