Turkey’s Policy in Syria Depends on Interests – AANES Official

Muhammad al-Abo said Turkey has recently changed its policy in Syria according to its interests, according to North Press.

Turkey’s approach in Syria depends on its interests as it always changes its approach and policy accordingly, an official in Manbij Civil Administration of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) said on Wednesday.

In December 2022, the Russian Ministry of Defense declared that the defence ministers of Russia, Syria, and Turkey had trilateral talks in the Russian capital Moscow. This meeting is the first in more than a decade.

SDC Calls For Syrians To Confront Damascus-Ankara Rapprochement

Co-chair of the Legislative Council of Manbij Civil Council, Muhammad al-Abo, said Turkey has recently changed its policy in Syria according to its interests.

Al-Abo added that after it failed to obtain a green light for a ground operation in northeast Syria, Turkey “resorted to rapprochement with the Syrian regime.”

He added, “Turkey is seeking a reconciliation with the Syrian regime by abandoning the opposition to achieve its purpose in fighting the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that is a common goal of the two parties [Turkey and Syria].”

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government is seeking to achieve this rapprochement with Syria since it boosters the party for the upcoming elections campaign where it intends to send refugees back to Syria to gain popularity at home, according to al-Abo.

He noted that the AANES officials have always addressed the people and opposition factions in Turkish-held regions, stressing that the Syrian crisis can be solved only at the hands of Syrians without Turkey’s involvement.


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