Due to Bad Heating: Four Fires in Few Hours in Northern Camps

An NGO stressed "the significant drop in temperatures and the dependence of displaced people on primitive heating methods," according to Damas Post.

In a report, the Syria Response Coordinators team announced four fires that occurred in camps in northwestern Syria during the past hours.

“During the past hours, four fires were recorded within the camps for displaced people in northwestern Syria in Mashhad Rouhin, Harbnoush and Kafrlusin,  north of Idleb. This brings the number of fires within the camps since the beginning of this year to 156,” the response coordinators said.

Warnings of Health Disaster in Idleb Countryside Due to Cholera

The team stressed that “the significant drop in temperatures and the dependence of displaced people on primitive heating methods that are not usable inside the camps and reliance on cooking stoves inside the tents increase the risk of ignition of tents even more. 90% of displaced families rely on unsuitable heating materials (plastics, waste, …) inside the tents, amid the lack of relatively safe places to reduce fires. The frequency of fires within the camps is expected to increase in the coming period as a result of the continuous drop in temperatures.”

The Coordinators considered that “the use of cloth tents is one of the most prominent reasons for the spread of fires inside the tents, and the lack of insulation, as the number of camps that lack the necessary insulators to prevent heat or fires is more than 96% of the camps.”

The response coordinators stressed the need to find suitable housing places for the displaced that can resist different conditions near city centers and residential communities, until the appropriate conditions are created for the return of the displaced to their cities and villages, which is the complete solution to the issue of camps in northwestern Syria, according to the report.

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