More than 90% of Humanitarian Funding goes to Areas Controlled by Syrian Regime

The value of early recovery projects submitted by the United Nations and its agencies amounted to more than 517 million US dollars, according to Syria TV.

The value of early recovery projects submitted by the United Nations and its agencies amounted to more than 517 million US dollars, based on UN reports discussed during the interactive dialogue session of the UN Security Council held on Monday. 

“The projects included most of the Syrian governorates that are under the control of the Syrian regime, where the total value of projects implemented in the areas of the Syrian regime reached more than 90 percent of the total funding,” the Syria Response Coordinators team said.   

He added that “humanitarian operations in northwestern Syria are still limited to relief operations only and some other simple projects. They have been witnessing a noticeable decline since the implementation of UN resolution 2642/2022.”   

Inconsistencies in UN statements 

“Early recovery projects in northwestern Syria focused on the implementation of some projects that cannot be classified under the category of early recovery projects, which can be carried out by any local association active in the area and not by United Nations agencies. They can only be classified as insulting to humanitarian workers and civilians in the region,” the team said. 

It pointed out that “the many contradictions in the data and figures of the UN, the latest of which was that the percentage of funding did not exceed 42 percent, was preceded by reports talking about a percentage many times less than the mentioned figure. This calls for a review of humanitarian funding operations in Syria again.” 

As for the need of two million Syrians for winter aid, it was rather the displacement camps, which have a population of only more than 1.8 million, which is equivalent to the figure mentioned for all of Syria, according to response coordinators. 

The team considered that Russia and the Syrian regime succeeded in taming UN Resolution 2642/2022 in their favour, which is a threat card that Russia currently has to prevent the flow of humanitarian aid across the border. It added that “this is proof of what we have talked about several times, that the UN resolution is to serve the areas controlled by the Syrian regime and to pass various projects away from the international sanctions imposed on the Syrian regime, which have now become worthless with the contribution of the international community and the United Nations.”


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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