Syria’s Losses in Oil & Gas at107.1 Billion Dollars- Foreign Ministry

These direct and indirect losses are estimated at 107.1 billion dollars, according to SANA.

Syria stressed that the practices of the United States, whose forces are illegally present on Syrian territory, along with the theft and illegitimate trafficking carried out by terrorist groups and the separatist QSD (Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF) militia, have caused huge losses and destruction in the sector of extraction, supply, distribution and investment of oil, gas and mineral wealth since 2011.

These direct and indirect losses are estimated at 107.1 billion dollars till the sixth month of this year.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates stated in two messages addressed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the Security Council that “according to the figures of the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources and its accurate statistics, the direct losses suffered by this key vital sector amounted to 24.2 billion dollars as a result of the thefts of oil, gas and mineral resources that have been committed by the terrorist groups and the separatist SDF militia that is spreading in northeastern Syria under the auspices, protection and support of the American forces present in Syria illegally”.

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The ministry pointed out that “the estimated value of these losses resulting from extraction, smuggling and illegal trade in Syrian oil, gas and mineral resources amounted to $18.2 billion until the end of the first half of this year, and the SDF militia continues to steal and smuggle Syrian oil, gas and mineral resources and illegal trade. The project is under the cover and protection of the American forces present in Syria illegally”.

“These losses are also caused by the sabotage and theft of extracting and transporting Syrian oil, gas and mineral resources facilities by terrorist groups. The estimated value of losses resulting from these crimes amounted to 3.2 billion dollars. In addition to the illegal bombing and aggression perpetrated by the so-called “international coalition” on Syrian oil and gas facilities, the estimated value of the losses resulting from these acts of aggression amounted to 2.8 billion dollars. ” the Foreign Ministry indicated.

“As for the estimated value of the indirect losses until the middle of this year, it amounted to $82.9 billion, which represents the values of lost production of Syria’s crude oil, natural gas, gas for house use, various oil derivatives and mineral wealth, due to the decline in production down from the expected and planned rates within the framework of normal working conditions as a result of the crimes of sabotage, destruction, theft and illicit trafficking committed by terrorist groups and separatist militias that spread in the areas of oil and gas fields and mineral resources under the protection, sponsorship and cover of the US forces illegally present in Syria” The ministry added.

The Foreign Ministry called on the General Secretariat and the Security Council to study the contents of those two letters and adopt them as an official document of the General Assembly, and to deal with the humanitarian and economic situation in Syria with more seriousness and efficiency, particularly in light of what has been included in Security Council Resolution No. 2642 regarding the inevitability of expanding the humanitarian activities in Syria, including Early recovery projects to provide water, sanitation, health care, education, shelter and electricity.


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