British Diplomat Hails Israeil Airstrikes in Syria

The British Special Envoy for Syria said Israeli airstrikes against Iranian military posts are the only effective way to end the crisis, according to North Press.

The British Special Envoy for Syria, Jonathan Hargreaves, said that Israeli airstrikes against Iranian military posts are the only thing that may work in Syria.
Axios reported, citing Hargreaves, “The UK and other Western countries are basing some of their policies on its results.”
Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes inside Syria over the past few years, targeting what it says are Iranian-backed militia’s strongholds, killing civilians and Syrian government soldiers.

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It rarely acknowledges or comments on carrying out airstrikes inside Syria, but it always repeats it will confront Iran’s attempts to establish a permanent military presence inside Syria.
The UK envoy doubted the “step for step” approach carried out by UN Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen, regarding solving the Syrian crisis.
“Providing a forum for the opposition to have a political dialogue with the regime is one of the key reasons why the political process is still important,” the report added, citing the UK envoy.
The UK envoy tried to prevent Arab countries from normalizing relations with the Syrian government, Hargreaves added.
Jordan’s engagement with the Syrian government led to friction with the U.S., he stressed.
During the meeting with the Israeli officials, Hargreaves stressed that the outside pressure that is pursued by the U.S. to bring down the Syrian regime would not work, Anti War reported.
“Smuggling of Captagon drugs from Syria has become the most pressing security threat for Jordan and proposed British-Israeli cooperation to disrupt this drug smuggling activity that finances the Assad regime,” the UK envoy added.


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