Burning of Baath Party Headquarters in al-Qarya, Suweida

Unknown assailants burned the headquarters of the Baath Party division in the town of al-Qarya, according to Baladi News.

On Monday, unknown assailants burned the headquarters of the Baath Party division in the town of al-Qarya in the Suweida governorate.
The Suweida ANS page said in a Facebook post that “the attack coincided with attempts by the secretary of the village division and military intelligence agent Muhannad al-Awam, to prevent the honouring of successful students in the village of Um al-Rumman, south of Suweida, by the religious body of the village.”

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The page added that “the attempt to prevent the celebration was an infringement by Baath Party agents and military intelligence on the affairs of the Druze community,” which angered the residents.
It pointed out that the town of Qarya is witnessing an alert by “Baath Party soldiers with the support of the National Defense Militia” in the vicinity of the building and the main road.
It is noteworthy that several areas in the countryside of Suweida governorate, on Sunday, witnessed vigils following the deterioration of the services and the absence of basic services. This comes amid threats of escalation if their demands are not met, until next Wednesday.

In southern Syria as well, the Syrian regime’s security apparatus arrested a candidate for membership in the People’s Assembly, sources from the Ahrar Horan Gathering confirmed.
According to the Gathering, regime forces arrested businessman and People’s Assembly candidate Nasr Muhammad Khair al-Hariri (he is different than Nasr Hariri, the former head of the Syrian opposition coalition) in the capital Damascus, four days ago.
The sources explained that Hariri hails from the town of Maliha al-Atash east of Daraa. Regime forces demand a significant sum of money in exchange for his release.



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