Relative Calm in Suweida, but Strongly Worded Messages Denouncing Damascus

The general mood in Suweida breathed a sigh of relief after the uprooting of the Falhout gang, according to Shaam Network.

Suwayda 24, which is concerned with reporting news of the Suweida Governorate, said that relative calm has returned to the governorate, after a week of tensions, road cuts, and armed confrontations, which resulted in the killing of 23 people and the injury of 35 others. 

The report spoke of accelerated meetings of religious and social leaders, witnessed in the past days, to discuss the situation, with strong messages sent to officials in Damascus, denouncing the security behaviour of the authority in Suweida. This led to a societal explosion, which developed into a rare armed confrontations in the mountain. The sect’s sheikhs held the security authority, and specifically the Military Intelligence Service, responsible for everything that is happening in Suweida. 

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It pointed out that there has been no reaction, or even a statement, from the Syrian regime about the recent developments in Suweida. The official media also missed coverage of the events, except for the semi-official al-Watan newspaper, which covered the events conservatively, and described the uprising against the Falhout gang as honourable. 

According to the website’s report, the Raji Falhout gang, linked to the military security apparatus, has become a thing of the past. It was eradicated by local armed groups, who rose against their practices and attacked their headquarters. Local factions, led by the Men of Dignity movement, are still pursuing what they describe as the remnants of the terrorist Raji Falhout gang through raids in the town of Atil and the city of Suweida.

In the past two days, local factions have arrested at least three people, who they said were gang members, while the fate of Raji Falhout remains unclear. As many as 20 people were captured by factions and community groups, six of whom were shot dead in the center of Suweida by an armed group. 

The website noted that the general mood in Suweida breathed a sigh of relief after the uprooting of the Falhout gang, which was charged with murder and abuse. This was evident in the gathering of hundreds of civilians in celebration of its headquarters’ fall in the city center. It seems that the gangs organically linked to Falahout have disappeared amid popular demands to end them, and not to allow them to rearrange their cards and return to their criminal activities.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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