Justice Minister: Amnesty Decree Most Comprehensive for Terrorist Crimes

President Bashar al-Assad issued Legislative Decree No. 7 granting a general amnesty for terrorist crimes committed by Syrians, according to al-Watan.

On Sunday, President Bashar al-Assad issued Legislative Decree No. 7 granting a general amnesty for terrorist crimes committed by Syrians before April 30th, 2022, except for those that led to the death of a human being and stipulated in the Anti-Terrorism Act No. 19 of 2012 and the Penal Code issued by Legislative Decree No. 148 of 1949 and its amendments. 

The decree indicated that this amnesty does not affect the claim of personal right and is necessary to file the case before the competent civil court, indicating that it is effective from the date it was issued. 

In an interview with Al-Watan, Justice Minister Ahmed al-Sayed explained that the decree for the first time came to include terrorist crimes. It did not provide for the forgiveness of part of the punishment but the full punishment for terrorist crimes, other than those that led to the death of a human being. 

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He added that the decree is the most important and comprehensive amnesty decree for terrorist crimes, stressing that this demonstrates the strength of the Syrian State, through which it asserts that it is time to open a new page for those who have been deceived or wronged in their right to return to society and contribute to the building and reconstructing the country. 

Sayed stressed that the decree is a comprehensive national reconciliation for all the people of the country. He pointed out that it came as a culmination of the approach of reconciliation and forgiveness adopted by the Syrian state through many reconciliations in several Syrian areas. 

He said that the search radios will be automatically cancelled by the judicial police and the search for the perpetrators of terrorist crimes will be automatically cancelled whether they are residing in Syria or abroad. There is no need for any Syrian citizen abroad to review or take any action as long as it is covered by this decree, where the concerned authorities will automatically proceed, which will, of course, contribute to the return of many Syrians to their homeland, especially refugees. 

The Minister stressed that the Public Prosecution, investigative judges, and the Criminal Court of the Terrorism Cases all immediately began to take the necessary procedures for the release of detainees covered by amnesty without any request or review from anyone, explaining that priority will be given to those who are detained, with the continuation of work on the cases before the courts covered by the decree. 

Sayed said, “this decree carries two messages, the first is a positive message for Syrians at home and abroad, and the second is a message of deterrence for foreign terrorists. Therefore, this decree came specifically for Syrians, excluding foreigners who committed terrorist acts in Syria. This is a clear and strong message to the whole world, especially the West, that Syria forgives its children as it is the mother and supporter of all. However,  for those who are from all over the world and from several countries and regimes which talk about law and human rights while they are far from that, they will not be forgiven”


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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