Russian Official: Turkey’s Closure of Airspace for Russian Military Flights to Syria is Hostile

Andrei Kortunov, the Director-General of the Russian Council of International Affairs, said the decision won't impact Russia, according to al-Watan.

Andrei Kortunov, the Director-General of the Russian Council of International Affairs, described the Turkish regime’s decision to close Turkish airspace for Russian military personnel and equipment flights to Syria as a “hostile step” by Ankara. Kortunov indicated that the two countries harbour several fundamental differences on the issue of Syria, including the future of Idleb and the situation in areas controlled by Kurdish militias. He considered that these schisms could contribute to exacerbating differences even further.

In an article, the Russian newspaper Vzglyad questioned the extent to which the Turkish regime’s closure of Turkish airspace had an impact on Russian military flights and equipment to Syria, according to the Russia Today website.

“It is clear that these decisions were taken against the backdrop of the special military operation in Ukraine. The decision can hinder communication between Moscow and Damascus, but I do not think that it will have very serious consequences. There are other airspace corridors available, which can provide Syria with everything necessary from Russia, through Iran.”

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Kortunov drew attention to the fact that the Turkish regime remains committed to the Montreux Convention, and that ships of other countries are not allowed into the Black Sea, saying: “Turkey is trying to pursue its own policy; it is clear that these decisions do not affect Russia much, but instead have an indirect impact.”

Warning messages from Russian warplanes

In other news, Russia sent a warning to the Turkish regime not to continue its attacks on areas of northern Syria.

This warning coincided with the targeting of an armoured vehicle by unknown assailants inside Turkish territory in front of the village of Salib, which is located in the countryside outside the occupied city of Tel Abyad. The attack resulted in injuries, amidst reports of dead and wounded crew members.

Russian fighter jets carried out night-time airstrikes after midnight on Sunday and Monday in the area of Darat Izza in the western Aleppo countryside. The area is controlled by Turkish occupation forces and the pro-National Army militia, opposition media sources said.


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