Meslet: Support for Syrian Revolution Weakens Russia in Syria, Prevents Iran from Exploiting Change to Status Quo

Salem al-Meslet warned the international of Iran's schemes in Syria, according to SOC Media Department.

President of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC), Salem al-Meslet, warned the international community and Arab states in particular that Iranian terrorist militias in Syria would seek to take advantage of Russia’s involvement in its war in Ukraine.

Meslet pointed out that Russia’s crimes in Syria continue unabated despite its involvement in its aggression against Ukraine. He stressed the need for active international support for the military forces of the revolution in order to contribute to weakening the Russian military presence in Syria, while not allowing Iran to take advantage of any change to the status quo by expanding its military presence and deploying more militias.

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Meslet stressed that the increasing Iranian influence in Syria poses a threat to the stability and security of all countries in the region on the long run.

Moreover, he pointed out that the Tehran regime’s strategy aims to spread sectarianism among social components, commit massacres and crimes against civilians, and bring about demographic change by bringing Iranian militias to settle in Syria instead of the indigenous population.

Meslet stressed the need to confront Iran’s schemes and terrorist activities in the region as they pose a serious threat to international peace and security. He made it clear that confronting these schemes requires stepping up support for the Syrian revolution at the political, military, and civil levels, or establishing an international mechanism that can check Iran’s influence and confront its terrorist activities in Syria and in the sisterly Arab countries.


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