Presidential Adviser: Syrians Willing to Volunteer with Russia as Reciprocation

In an interview with BBC Arabic, Luna al-Shibl said Syrians were trying to return the favor of Russia's stance on Syria, according to Enab Baladi.

The Media advisor to the President of the Syrian regime, Luna al-Shibl, said that many Syrians have shown their willingness to fight alongside Russia in Ukraine, as a “return of favor” for Russia’s stand with Syria over the past years. 

“Russia has not formally requested Syrian volunteers from the Syrian state, and therefore no official action can be taken as long as there is no request from Russia in this regard,” she said in an interview with the BBC Arabic channel, which aired on Sunday.

“Syria supported Russia in Ukraine under international law and the UN Charter, which, in accordance with Article 51 allows countries to defend themselves in the event of a threat or aggression,” she said. 

“Russia was not only threatened but also presented documents confirming that Ukraine would have launched aggression against it if it had not taken the initiative to defend itself,” she said. 

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On March 4th, Syrians for Truth and Justice published a report on Syrian participation in the war between Russia and Ukraine that has been going on since Russia’s “invasion” was declared.

Since mid-March, the city of Aleppo has witnessed transfers of members of the 25th and 30th divisions of the Fifth Corps formed by Russia in Syria, towards the Hemeimeem military base in the Lattakia countryside. They are preparing for their transfer to Ukraine to support the Russian army in its “invasion” of the country, according to what Enab Baladi monitored.


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