Unknown Individuals Target Government Forces in Daraa

Unknown individuals targeted a military vehicle of the Syrian government forces with an explosive device in Daraa, according to North Press.

On Monday, unknown individuals targeted a military vehicle of the Syrian government forces with an IED in the eastern countryside of Daraa, southern Syria.

A military vehicle affiliated with the Brigade 52 of the government forces was targeted with an IED planted by unknown persons on the road between al-Hirak and Soura towns, east of Daraa, an eyewitness said.

The vehicle was delivering food to the military points of the government forces in the area, and 5 members were in, the eyewitness added.

The targeting did not result in human casualties, according to the eyewitness.

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Assassinations dominate the scene in Syria’s southern governorate of Daraa, most of which are filed against unknown persons and they target former members of the opposition factions and those who have been subject to settlement agreements.

Despite the entire control of the Syrian government on Daraa and the reconciliation it made with the residents, the governorate witnesses unrest and security chaos. Arrests, assassinations, and killings have sharply increased.


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