SOC Calls on International Community to Correct Mistakes in Syria by Supporting Opposition Army

The secretary-general of the Syrian opposition called for the international community to provide the National Army with weapons, according to the SOC Media Department.

The Secretary-General of the Syrian Opposition Coalition, Haitham Rahma, warned the international community that Putin might respond to his losses in Ukraine by stepping up attacks against the Syrian people. He called for supporting the Syrian National Army and supplying it with advanced equipment and anti-aircraft weapons, similar to the ones being provided to Ukraine. He stressed that such support will help limit Putin’s military options in Syria and prevent him from threatening NATO members using the Russian bases on the Syrian coast.

Rahma stressed that the international community had committed a grave mistake by failing to confront Putin’s actions in Syria and allowing him to increase his influence at the expense of the lives of the Syrian people, which encouraged him to invade Ukraine. He warned that if Putin succeeds in Ukraine, he will not stop there as his ambitions will extend to new countries deep in Europe.

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Rahma lashed out on the Russian hypocrisy and fabrication of the pretexts that Russia uses to justify its aggression against other countries. Russia claimed that it came to Syria at the request of a legitimate regime while fighting a legitimate government in Ukraine that came to power through the ballot boxes.

Rahma stressed that the security of Europe has become more associated with the security of Syria following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which requires serious thinking and an actual effort to support the Syrian revolution and the Syrian National Army in order to weaken the Russian military presence in Syria.


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