Workshop to Discuss “Steps-for-Steps” Approach Proposed by UN Envoy

The opposition coalition held a workshop to discuss the "step-by-step" approach proposed by the UN special envoy, which it considers a "reward to the Assad regime", according to the SOC media department.

The Syrian National Coalition (SOC) Bureau of Studies and Documents (BSD) held a workshop to discuss the “Steps-for-Steps” approach proposed by the UN envoy, Geir Pedersen.

A number of SOC members and representatives and SOC’s foreign offices and missions took part in the workshop.

The attendees discussed the envoy’s briefing before the UN Security Council, the framework of his approach, and the ideas it carries, in addition to its possible effects on the political process in Syria.

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The participants saw that Mr. Pedersen’s “steps-for-steps” approach gives in to the Russian and Iranian blackmail. They considered it a reward to the Assad regime for disrupting the political solution and threatening regional and international security.

The Chair of the BSD, Riad al-Hassan, said that “Iran is seeking to exploit the Syrian file as a card in its nuclear program negotiations.”

Russia, he adds, “is seeking to restore its international standing, and blackmail NATO countries in exchange for the Ukraine file and other outstanding Western Russian files.”

Participants drew attention to the fact that the envoy did not dare in his briefing to name the party who is blocking the progress of the Constitutional Committee, which endangers the credibility of the United Nation.

They called on the envoy to stop misleading the Security Council and to expose the regime’s effort to disrupt the political process and its refusal to implement UN resolutions.



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