Details of Turkish Authorities Release of Syrian Journalist Majed Shamaa

On Monday, Turkish authorities released Syrian journalist and media figure, Majed Shamaa, who was arrested as part of the banana issue, according to al-Hal.

On Monday, Turkish authorities released Syrian journalist and media figure, Majed Shamaa, nine days after his arrest.

This development occurred after he was threatened with deportation in connection with the banana issue that spread throughout Turkey.

According to local media, Shamaa is in good health and was released after his lawyer appealed the deportation decision.

The media sources confirmed that he is on his way home to Istanbul through Gaziantep Airport.

A few days ago, Majed Shamaa confirmed, in a statement to Orient Network that Turkish authorities forced him to sign papers that showed he wanted to voluntarily return to Syria, in preparation for his deportation.

Legal procedures for the deportation of Majed Shamaa 

Regarding the legal procedures for the deportation process, one of the lawyers following Majed Shamaa’s case said that he wanted to appeal the decision to deport Shamaa.

This is under Resolution No. 6458, Article 53 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection.

He stressed that they have the right to file a lawsuit with the Administrative Court within a week of the notification date of the deportation decision.

The lawsuit will then be sent to the responsible center, the Immigration Directorate in Istanbul, thus stopping the deportation process.

The lawyer explained that halting the deportation process does not mean the end of administrative detention in the deportation center for foreigners.

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Therefore, he will not be released, and accordingly, a petition will be filed with the Magistrate’s Court. The outcome of the petition and appeal will remain unknown.

He also noted that sending a journalist to death deliberately contradicts international agreements and articles related to the Foreigners Law, international protection, and human rights.

Earlier, activists and media circulated the news that the Turkish authorities had transferred Shamaa, the worker of the Orient Channel, to Gaziantep.

They pointed out that this step is a prelude to his deportation to Syria.

Reasons for Majed Shamaa’s arrest 

Shamaa was arrested for filming a Vox Pop for The Orient program, on the banana issue, which has recently sparked widespread controversy in Turkey.

Dozens of international journalists and activists have joined in solidarity with Shamaa on this issue.

They also launched, on social media, the hashtag “#لا_لترحيل_ماجد_شمعة” (“#No_to_deport_Majed_Shamaa“), calling on the Turkish authorities to stop Shamaa’s deportation.

Forced deportation 

Syrians have already indicated that they are subject to forced deportation from Turkey, even if the reason is not paying an electricity bill, or if the Syrian is an alleged prosecutor in the first place.

Turks continue to direct racist language to Syrian refugees residing in different states, most notably Istanbul and Gaziantep. Such incidents have recently escalated without any interference from the Turkish authorities.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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