Online Campaign Against Deportation of Majed Shamaa

Activists launched an online campaign on social media to prevent the deportation of Syrian journalist Majed Shamaa, who was arrested as part of the "banana issue", according to al-Tareek.

Activists launched an online campaign on social media, under the hashtag “No to the deportation of Majed Shamaa”, in solidarity with the Syrian journalist arrested in connection with the “banana issue”.

According to sources, Majed Shamaa was transferred to the Turkish state of Gaziantep, in preparation for his deportation to northern Syria.

A Syrian human rights source confirmed that the deportation contradicted the Temporary Protection Act, which covers Syrian refugees inTurkey. He told Al-Tareek that the deportation of Shamaa could pose a threat to his life because of the nature of his work in media.

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Sources close to the family of journalist Majed Shamaa confirmed to Al-Tareek his arrest by Turkish authorities on Saturday evening.

The reason for the arrest was likely that Shamaa had filmed a video of the banana issue on behalf of the Orient channel.

The sources explained that the Turkish authorities arrested Shamaa from his home in the neighborhood of Shirin Evler in the center of Istanbul, Turkey.

A video clip of an interview with a Turkish citizen, in which he said that Syrian refugees eat bananas while he cannot buy them due to his difficult economic conditions, caused a wave of ridicule that developed into tension.

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