New Details on Israel Targeting of Damascus Area

Exclusive sources have disclosed new details about Israel using rockets to target Hezbollah and Iranian militia positions near the town of al-Dimas in Rural Damascus, according to Sawt al-Asima.

Exclusive sources have disclosed new details to Sawt al-Asima about Israel using rockets to target Iranian militia positions near the town of al-Dimas in Rural Damascus.

According to the sources, Israel fired several “surface-to-surface” missiles near Dimas, directly harming several positions belonging to Iranian forces and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah. The targets hit include a “temporary” cache for storing weapons.

The sources indicated that during its attack on rural Damascus, Israel used its first missiles to target the meeting headquarters for Iranian militia leaders and Hezbollah leaders. The attacks also targeted an arms depot around the 94th Brigade, near al-Dimas.

The sources confirmed that Iranian forces had transported a weapons shipment to the targeted warehouse just hours before the rocket attack, which destroyed the building.

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The sources indicated that the shipment had arrived in Syrian territory from Tehran, via the Damascus International Airport. The weapons were then transferred to the warehouse for subsequent distribution amongst militia forces.

The sources explained that the Iranian-Lebanese meeting, which was hit by Israeli missiles, aimed to coordinate the transportation of weapons and ammunition from the temporary warehouse to other positions.

According to the sources, Israeli rockets targeted a GMC car carrying Hezbollah leaders, which was heading to the meeting headquarters.

Israeli missiles also targeted an air defense battery inside the 94th Brigade, near al-Dimas. According to sources, the battery tried to counter the Israeli rocket attack.

On Saturday, Sawt al-Asima correspondents reported that the Syrian regime’s air defenses had fired bursts of surface-to-air missiles towards southern Syria from various artillery stationed near the targeted areas. The regime had also launched an air defense missile from the bottom of Mount Qasioun.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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