Syria Condemns the U.S. Disinformation Campaigns Against Cuba

Syria strongly condemned the disinformation campaign launched by the U.S. against Cuba, in order to destabilize the island, according to The Syria Times.

Syria has strongly condemned the disinformation campaigns being launched by the U.S. administration and its tools against Cuba and other countries, expressing solidarity with Havana over the conspiracy being hatched against it.

An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on Wednesday that, the Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns the campaigns of misinformation and the falsification of facts conducted by the U.S. administration and its tools against Cuba and other countries, within the framework of its aggressive policy and its desperate attempts to subject Cuba to the U.S.

It affirmed that the United States practices organized state terrorism through the terrorist attack on the Cuban embassy in Paris and before that in Washington, in flagrant violation of all international conventions and norms related to the sanctity of diplomatic missions.

“The Syrian Arab Republic stresses its solidarity and standing with friendly Cuba over the conspiracy it is being exposed to,” the source added.

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The Cuban embassy in Paris was attacked with petrol bombs on Tuesday, its staff said, causing damage to the building but no harm to those working inside.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry condemned the attack on Twitter and posted photos of the damaged building, writing: “Those directly responsible for these acts are those who incite violence and hatred against our country.”

He added: “I hold the U.S. Government responsible for its continuous campaigns against our country that encourage these behaviors and for calls for violence, with impunity, from its territory.”


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