Initiative to Integrate Women Who Have Left Al-Hol Camp in Syria’s Tabqa

For International Women’s Day, a new initiative was launched to reintegrate former female residents of Al-Hol Camp, writes North Press.

On Sunday, the “Life Spring” initiative was launched in the city of Tabqa, in northern Syria, to integrate the marginalized women who have recently left the al-Hol camp in coincidence with International Women’s Day.

“We launched the initiative due to the urgent need to integrate the marginalized women who have recently left the al-Hol camp on bail of the tribes’ sheikhs,” Iman Mohamad, initiative coordinator, told North Press.

“The women found it hard to integrate into society, as they were subjected to bullying and faced significant difficulties in their lives. Based on this, we launched the initiative in coincidence with International Women’s Day,” she added.

The initiative lasts for three days, the first session is on psychological discharge to expel the negative feelings and energy which were generated from the conditions of war and the camp, and the thoughts that they were forced to instill in their brains, according to Mohamad.

“The second session lasts for two days and it includes awareness in moderation to reject extremist and violent thought,” she noted.

Mohamad pointed out that they “will accompany the women to plant trees in one of Tabqa’s gardens as a symbol of peace and a new start for them.”

“We want them to return to civil life as before,” she concluded.

Fifteen widows, who have recently left the al-Hol camp, took part in the initiative, as they were subjected to bullying, according to one of the participants called Umm Mohamad.

The decision to send internally displaced people to the al-Hol camp was made as a recommendation of the tribes’ conference held in Ayn Issa, northern Raqqa, in May 2019 under the supervision of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC).


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