Foreign Ministry: Syria Categorically Condemns Israeli Actions in Occupied Syrian Golan

Syria has expressed its support for the general strike called by citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan and reiterated its condemnation of Israeli actions in the area writes SANA.

Syria categorically condemned Israeli actions in the occupied Syrian Golan, and renewed its unlimited support for its citizens in the Syrian Golan in their general strike and their refusal to the annexing the Syrian Golan by the Israeli entity and seizures of lands and properties practiced by occupation authorities.

Citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan called for a general and comprehensive strike on Wednesday that includes all utilities and the closure of schools and remote education, and heading for the lands on which the Israeli occupation authorities seek to set up giant turbines.

This step by citizens of the Syrian Golan hopes to prevent the occupation authorities from implementing their expansionist scheme.

This decision came after a meeting of religious and social authorities in the occupied Syrian Golan.

On Monday, the occupation forces closed a number of main entrances to the villages of the occupied Syrian Golan and prevented citizens from reaching their agricultural lands in the areas where the occupation authorities seek to set up large turbines.


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