The National Coordination Commission fires Haytham Mannaa and the Kurdish PYD Party

A leading NCC member says the largest opposition group inside Syria is to oust a controversial leading member and a Kurdish political Party in a meeting in Cairo.


14-12-2012 – Elaph Website learned that the National Coordination Commission (NCC) has decided to oust a controversial leading member and a Kurdish political Party.


According to Elaph Website, NCC has decided to “restructure” its leadership, in a meeting that will be held in Cairo.


An NCC leading member, Mahmoud Merii told Elaph that the NCC will hold a meeting for its Central Council in order to oust its representative abroad Haytham Mannaa and the Kurdish PYD Party.


Merri said, “Mannaa’s statements to the press are not in harmony with the Syrian revolution, and the PYD is a controversial party.”


Mannaa, a Syrian dissident is based in Paris, is known for making statements that attack the Syrian National Council and later the Syrian Coalition of the Syrian Opposition and Revolution.


The PYD is a Syrian branch of the Turkish PKK Party. It has been accused by many Arab and Kurdish dissidents of having close relations with the Syrian security forces.


Merri said, “Mannaa has thieved the NCC.”


The NCC’s step comes in an effort to retrieve dozens of NCC leading members who have quit the coalition in protest of its policies towards the regime and the other opposition groups.



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