Al-Jaafari: Syria to Carry out Political Solution, Won’t Allow a Second Sykes-Picot to Pass

Syria was in the third place internationally in terms of security but an internationally- and Gulf-backed element of destruction represented in the terrorist groups with takfiri thinking worked to sabotage the atmosphere of security in Syria, says al-Jaafari


Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, stressed that the Syrian people, who have contributed to the making of history over thousands of years, will not allow anyone to encroach upon their sovereignty, dignity, political independence and national unity.


Speaking at a Security Council session on Thursday, al-Jaafari said Syria was in the third place internationally in terms of security but an internationally- and Gulf-backed element of destruction represented in the terrorist groups with takfiri thinking worked to sabotage the atmosphere of security in Syria.


He slammed some countries hosting displaced Syrians over trying to bargain on them and prevent them from returning home.


He noted that there are subversive forces that seek to sabotage the social agreement in our region and displace full components of our communities.


"Syria will not allow a second Sykes-Picot [Agreement] to pass at the expense of the region's peoples," said al-Jaafari, affirming that Syria will be the strongest circle in confronting the attempts to impose any new reality alien to the region.


He stressed that the Syrian government is determined to implement the political solution through a Syrian-led national dialogue.


Al-Jaafari added that Syria will pursue all those who finance terrorism in Syria whether through buying the stolen oil from the armed terrorist groups  or through any other way.


"There are scores of political, media reports and testimonies which have proven that the armed terrorist group recruit children and push them to bear weapons in the terrorist acts," al-Jaafari said.


He added that there no justification for any western government to ignore the crossing of terrorists along the international borders reaching Syria to go on in shedding the Syrian blood, saying "the Syrian people wouldn't forgive the facilitation of transporting thousands of Western, European terrorists, sponsored by well-known intelligence, through the borders of tens of countries from Australia into the US, reaching the Turkish, Lebanese and Jordanian borders with Syria.   


"The Syrian government stresses its adherence to carrying out its commitments to the UN according to the Response Plan for the humanitarian needs of 2013 which helped deliver the humanitarian aids to different Syrian regions including Azaz which is only 1 KM off the Turkish borders," al-Jaafari said.


He added that the exclusive responsibility is for the Syrian government in protecting its citizens according to the international law principles in a way that guarantees its  sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.  


"Some countries which host the Syrian refugees try to escalate their suffering through preventing them from returning home, trafficking with their pains in spite of the repeated requests of the Syrian government from the governments of those states to allow anyone who wants to leave to return home," the Syrian UN Envoy said.


On the file of the sexual violence, al-Jaafari said "I want to draw your attention to the statement submitted to the UN Security Council session on Wednesday in which we affirmed that Syria, throughout history, has never witnessed such kind of heinous disgusting crimes perpetrated by  the terrorist gangs where women in Syria were boasting of security and safety."


"Syria has always been in the third place internationally in terms of security, but a sabotaging factor has entered the Syrian life to distort this behavioral distinction.. the  armed terrorist groups of the Takfiri mentality, imported from  the gulf Petro-Dollar countries, have sought to sabotage the security and safety of the Syrians," al-Jaafari said. 


He added that leaders of the armed groups have recruited children and pushed them to bear weapons, participate in eh acts of terror, saying " more than 3000 schools, hundreds  of hospitals, medicine factories  have been sabotaged in addition to looting 1500 industrial factories in Aleppo and Idleb."  


"It is enough for trading with Syria destiny and blood of its people.. work should be done seriously to help Syria, as government and people, to go ahead in the political solution  approved by the Un resolutions 2042, 2043 and approved by Geneva statement as well .. this political solution which my government insists to apply though a national comprehensive dialogue led by Syria where all Syrians are represented and their voice is heard regionally and internationally," the Syrian Envoy to the UN said.



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