Terms of Secret U.S.-Russian Agreement: Tlass to Lead Free Army

Al-Hadath News, a Syrian website, has publsihed what it called the terms of the secret U.S.-Russian aAgreement on syria: Tlass to Lead Free Army. The Syrian Observer translates and publishes this story with all possible reservation.


1. Cessation of fire between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army.

2. Specify a date for negotiations between fighting parties. During preparations for the conference, the FSA is to appoint a military council led by an officer acceptable to the U.S. and the regime, that being dissident general Manaf Tlass, who will take leadership responsibility for the FSA.


3. Manaf Tlass and FSA forces will carry out the mission of eliminating extremist groups, such as the Nusra Front, Free Sham and other terrorist groups who are deemed unacceptable by the U.S. The army will facilitate this mission in the regions called Touch Lines.


4. Following the elimination of terrorist groups, the High Military Council, headed by Manaf Tlass will form a military delegation accompanied by a political delegation formed by the Coalition of Opposition and Revolution Forces.


During negotiations, field committees will be formed to regulate the process of disengagement and ceasefire between the FSA and the regular army. Tlass will have authority to punish those who breach the ceasefire. He will be required to combine all armed forces under his command in the regions ruled by the FSA and to hand the opposition delegation participating in the negotiations the legitimacy to negotiate as representatives of the militarized revolution.


The U.S. trusts Tlass and his ability to achieve what is required. Some within the Russian administration, meanwhile, are comfortable with Tlass as they sense his loyalty to the regime can be regained after establishing control on the ground and especially after operations against Arab jihadists,. This, they believe will allow the balance of power to fall on the regime side.




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