U.N. Draft Resolution Inflames Situation in Syria: Jaafari

Syria's U.N. envoy, Bashar al-Jaafari said Wednesday the draft resolution on Syria submitted to the U.N. General Assembly aims to inflame the current crisis.


Syria's U.N. envoy, Bashar al-Jaafari said Wednesday the draft resolution on Syria submitted to the U.N. General Assembly aims to inflame the current crisis.


Addressing the General Assembly, Jaafari said the resolution "goes against the tide, given the recent Russian-U.S. rapprochement on Syria."


He said it was "surprising" that the draft resolution was presented under the U.N. chapter dealing with "Prevention of Armed Conflicts," given the content of the draft, which he said "totally contradicts this noble address, as it seeks to escalate the crisis and instigate violence in Syria.


Jaafari told the assembly that the draft creates "a dangerous precedent in international relations, by offering legitimacy to the provision weapons to armed terrorist groups operating in Syria."


He took to task the opposition coalition, which the Qatar U.N. envoy talked about, claiming it is divided and "doesn't represent the opposition parties themselves."


"It is a small faction of the external opposition which was founded in Qatar," he said, adding that "the heinous crimes, kidnappings, assassinations and the destruction of holy sites by terrorists are just some of the things going on in Syria."


"Giving Syria's seat at Arab League to the Doha coalition, and the attempt to get the U.N. drawn in by presenting a delusional report is intended to cut the road to the solution to the crisis and tear down the Syrian state," Jaafari said.


"Every time there is a sign of a political solution in Syria, terrorist acts increase and the efforts by certain countries to abort the initiative accelerate,"Jaafari said.


He emphasized that the Syrian government had responded positively to all the initiatives presented to resolve the crisis in Syria peacefully, reiterating that the government is committed to the formation of a comprehensive national dialogue held under Syria's leadership.





The U.N. General Assembly approved an Arab-backed resolution Wednesday calling for a political transition in Syria, but more than 70 countries refused to vote "yes" because of its support for the main opposition group and fears the resolution could torpedo a new U.S.-Russia effort to end the escalating conflict.


The United States co-sponsored the resolution, saying it would promote a political solution. But key Syrian ally Russia urged a "no" vote, saying it was "counterproductive and irresponsible" to promote a one-sided resolution when Moscow and Washington are trying to get the Syrian government and opposition to agree to negotiations.


The resolution, which is not legally binding though it can carry moral weight, was approved by a vote of 107-12 with 59 abstentions.




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