War Against Syria Aims to Undermine Resistance: Grand Mufti

Syria's pro-Assad Grand Mufti says the US can't be an honest mediator seeking the attainment of peaceful settlement in Syria

Syria has paid dearly for a internationally-backed campaign of incitement and sedition,Syria's Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddine Hassoun said Thursday.


The Mufti described what is going on in Syria as a war waged against the country to undermine its culture of resistance, unity and coexistence, during a meeting of the 26th International Islamic Unity Conference in Beirut.


He emphasized that the role of religious men is to urge all intellectuals in the Arab and Islamic world towards dialogue to show that the campaign targets all Arabs and Muslims alike.


Hassoun also urged the development of new curriculum to address the sectarianism in the country that he said has been politically exploited by those conspiring against the country.


He pointed to satellite channels watched in the Arab and Islamic World that he said "Are all politically motivated, working under the cover of religion to incite chaos in the Islamic World."


During the meeting, deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sheiklh Na'eem Qasem said that there is a western-made plan aimed at removing Syria from the core of the resistance equation. Qasem said the only way out of the crisis is through a political solution that ends the current state of violence, which he said serves Israel only.


"The United States serves the Israeli project in the region, so it can't be an honest mediator seeking the attainment of peaceful settlement in Syria," Qasem said.


Secretary General of the World Assembly for Convergence Mmong Islamic Sects, Sheikh Mohsen al-Araqi condemned the extremist, infidel and terrorist movements operating in the region which aim to fuel sedition among peoples of the Islamic Nation. He urged "honest men of religion" to "spare no effort in silencing these seditious calls made by some claiming to be religious men."





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