Mikdad Meets Dardari on Reconstruction Plans

A Syrian official meets former Syrian PM Dardari, who left the country after the revolution

Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad met on Sunday in Damascus with Abdullah Dardari, Chairman of the Economic And Globalization Division at the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), to discuss a project to rehabilitate different sectors of Syria's infrastructure.


Miqdad said Syria looks forward to the future and the start of the National Dialogue sessions. He said Syria is determined to rebuild while also restoring safety and security to the country.


He discussed with Dardari the destructive effect of the unjust sanctions imposed on Syria and the importance of reversing them immediately.


Dardari discussed the reconstruction project, in terms of its analysis of the prior conditions in the country and the current challenges. The project assesses the priorities and technical options available to help the Syrian government mobilize resources for post-conflict reconstruction.


Media reports said last Friday that a group of ESCWA economists based in Beirut, headed by Dardari, are working on a post-conflict reconstruction plan for the country.


The project, The National Agenda for the Future of Syria, is based on the hypothesis that the Syrian crisis will end by 2015 and that Syria will remain unified under a central government in Damascus, regardless of who is going to rule the country.




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