Coalition a ‘Tragedy and Shame’: Ghalioun

Burhan Ghalioun says his role in the meetings of the biggest opposition group is to separate among these clashing groups or watch them as they throws spears at each other

Former president of Syrian National Council bloc, which was superceded by the Syrian National Coalition, Burhan Ghalioun confirmed that the general assembly of the Coalition had failed in its talks, describing events of last week's meetings in Istanbul as a “full-blown tragedy, a shame on the Coalition and a crime against the revolution.”


Ghalioun, who made the comments on his Facebook page, said that the mission of the Coalition was to provide political, humanitarian and military support for the revolution and people.


“This means gathering the maximum number of forces to support the revolution, either Syrian or our allies,” he said.


Ghalioun also clarified that the Coalition is not a parliament designed to represent the Syrian people. He said what paralyzes it today is the clash between internal blocs and powers internally that seek to dominate the body and different groups’ attempts to increase their number of seats with the excuse of representation.


The result, he said, is that most of the Coalition's time is dedicated to bickering over seats, positions and "phony" presidencies. These disputes have led to a transformation of the Coalition from a framework through which to gather the revolutionary forces, to a pool of tension; from a tool to build Arab and international alliances, to a means of tearing alliances with our international supporters apart. 


"In this context, independents like us – who never belong to parties or blocs, who don’t fight to improve their position, who are only concerned with serving their nation  – should get out from this equation. Their role should be to separate among these clashing groups or  watch them as they throws spears at each other.


 "This situation doesn’t suit us and it should not continue." 




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