Syria Pessimistic About Geneva: PM

Halqi says the Syrian government has shown good will, but the other side is not ready

The Syrian government does not put too much faith in the Geneva II conference, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said on Wednesday, expressing pessimism for the outcome of such a conference.


"The solution to the crisis in the country should be in-house and should fall within President Bashar Assad's initiative," Halqi said.


In a press statement, Halqi said: "The Syrian government announced more than two months ago its agreement to participate in the Geneva II conference, although it does not expect quick and satisfactory results."


"At the behest of our friends and our desire to show goodwill, the Syrian government decided to go to Geneva, despite our conviction that the other party is not ready."


We are "not optimistic" of the results, he said, noting that "the solution is in the hands of the Syrian people, according to the initiative of President Assad, which involves three stages and the launch of consultative dialogue."


In January Assad announced a three-step plan to resolve the Syrian crisis in Syria. It involved: A commitment of the countries concerned to stop funding, arming and harboring militants and halt terrorist operations in order to facilitate the return of displaced people to the country; a cessation of military operations of the army, which retains the right to respond, and dialogue under a national charter and a new constitution according to which a new government will be formed on the basis of parliamentary elections.


The Prime Minister stressed that "no political solution in Syria can be achieved prior to the elimination of terrorism and the success of a political dialogue."


"Terrorism hits all of Syrian society and its institutions."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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