Russia and Iran Warn U.S. Against Military Option in Syria

Iran believes the alleged gas attack in Ghouta was carried out by terrorists

Iran and Russia have warned Washington against military intervention in Syria, amid growing claims that the Syrian government used poison gas against civilians in the suburbs of Damascus.


"Iran has announced many times that the crisis in Syria has no military solution and such provocative measures and comments will merely further complicate the situation in the region and create more tensions," the Fars news agency quoted Iran's foreign ministry spokesman, Seyed Abbas Araqchi, as saying.


Iran believes the alleged gas attack in Ghouta, an eastern suburb of Damascus, was “carried out by terrorist forces,” Araqchi added.


He said that the crisis in Syria can only be resolved “through talks” and that no international body has given permission for military intervention.


Russia on Sunday welcomed Damascus' offer to allow a mission by U.N. inspectors probing alleged chemical weapons use and warned the West that an Iraq scenario in Syria would be a "tragic mistake."


Russia, in a statement from the foreign ministry, said that any unilateral military action in Syria would undermine efforts for peace and have a "devastating impact" on the security situation in the Middle East. Russia has urged action to get all Syria opposition groups to agree to talks nad said threats of force against the Syrian government are counterproductive.


"We once again decisively urge (the U.S.) not to repeat the mistakes of the past and not to allow actions that go against international law.  Any unilateral military action bypassing the United Nations will … lead to further escalation and will affect the already explosive situation in the Middle East in the most devastating way," the ministry said.


Moscow has urged Western leaders to avoid attempts force biased conclusions on U.N. inspectors who will look for evidence of reported chemical weapon attacks in the Syria on Monday.


"We again resolutely urge all those who are trying to force conclusions on the U.N. experts and who say that armed action against Syria is possible to show common sense and avoid tragic mistakes," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said the statement.


"We are satisfied with the constructive attitude of the Syrian leadership to organizing effective interaction with the U.N. mission.”


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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