Iran Warns Washington Against Aggression on Syria

Dehghan said U.S. military intervention in the region would lead to a "gap" in the region's security.

Iranian Minister of Defense Hossein Dehghan on Tuesday warned the U.S. and its allies of the repercussions of any military aggression against Syria.


Speaking during a television interview, Dehghan said that any U.S. military intervention in the region would lead to a huge gap in the region's security.


He highlighted the prominent role of Syria in the resistance movement, adding that Damascus has been key in defending the Palestinian people and their rights.


"The Syrian leadership will not stand still," he said, adding that the reaction to any aggression is a decision to be taken by the leadership, but also noting that such a decision could spread war in the region, which would likely lead to other forces becoming engaged.


He said that Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Hezbollah consist of the axis of resistance in the region, claiming that the U.S. is planning to undermine this movement to meet the interests of the Zionist entity.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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