West Seeks to Impose Will: FM Source

U.S., French and U.K. purporting to support a political solution while also continuing to support Al-Qaeda

Western governments are promoting "contradictory stances" in their alleged support for a political solution and their support for terrorist groups in Syria, a source at the Foreign and Expatriate Ministry said on Tuesday.


The sources asserted that the level of U.S.,French and British involvement in the crisis in Syria and their hectic efforts to impose their agendas and wills on the Syrian people promoted contradictory stances, purporting to support a political solution while also continuing to support Al-Qaeda linked armed terrorist groups the aim of prolonging the crisis in Syria.


The source said that the press conference of the U.S., French and British foreign ministers in Paris on Tuesday revealed their real objectives in Syria and their attempt to preempt the outcome of a dialogue among Syrians and impose their will on the Syrian people in service of  the U.S. and its allies to implement its schemes.


The source added that those supporting the U.S. had not hesitated to instigate U.S. military agression against Syria.


On the political and constitutional legitimacy of the presidency in Syria, the source said it is an exclusive right of the Syrian people and that the U.S. and its allies must not claim to possess or seize this authority.


The source clarified, however, that Syria, on several occasions, has expressed its commitment to a political solution based on dialogue between the Syrians and under a Syrian leadership that alows the Syrian people determine their own future.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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