Syrian Army Says Syrian Plane Entered Turkish Airspace by Mistake

Army statement says Turkish response was hasty

A statement issued by the General Command of the Syrian Arab Army and the Armed Forces on Tuesday said that a military aircraft was lost on the afternoon of Monday, 16 September,  during reconnaissance sorties to control the infiltration of terrorists across the Turkish border in al-Younusiah area, near the village of Badama, in Idleb countryside .


"After an investigation, it was found that the aircraft mistakenly entered Turkish airspace for a short distance and then returned immediately into Syrian territory," the statement said.


"Following receipt of guidance from in the command center and during its exit, Turkish warplanes targeted it directly and the craft fell inside Syrian territory."


The statement described the Turkish reaction as "hasty", especially given that the plane was returning and was not commissioned to conduct any combat missions.


This is evidence of the true intentions of Erdogan's government towards Syria, which is based on raising tensions in an atmosphere of escalation on the border between the two countries, the statement said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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