Assad Unbalanced, Actions Foolish: Bunni

Assad offered to dismantle his chemical weapons, before calling them "imaginary"

Syrian opposition parties have expressed surprise at Bashar Assad's description of chemical weapons as  "imaginary enemy" of the United States, France and Britain, in a rcent interview given to Chinese TV.


The U.S., France and Britain have sought to place Assad's chemical stock under international control.


A member of the Syrian Natinonal Coalition's Political Bureau, Walid al-Bunni said he believed Assad is "in a state of contradiction" given the fact that he called Washington just days ago to agree to dismantle the deadly chemicals, only later to describe them as "imaginary".


"How can this weapon be imaginary in Assad's dictionary, when he used them against his own people, and may use them against neighboring countries such as Turkey or Lebanon, for example?" Bunni said.


"This man, as we said already, is unbalanced. His actions are stupid and uncertain and the international community should beware of that," Bunni said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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