ISIS Spokesman Outlines State Vision

Spokesman for ISIS issues video defending the group against slander

A spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Sham (ISIS) has denounced the negative media campaign against the group, by "Western infidels".


In a video recording released on Monday, and published by Zaman al-Wasl in part, Abo Mohammed al-Adnani al-Shami said the campaign  intends to defame ISIS on one hand, and belittle its battle successes and victories on the other.


Adnani said only other battalions are mentioned in promotion of any mutual operations, especially victories, while ISIS get ignored completely.


Adnani mentioned the liberation of the Minnigh Airport in Aleppo countryside as an example. he said ISIS planned, prepared and implemented all operation, with limited support from other Free Syrian Army “FSA” brigades. However, all media has attributed that victory to the FSA.


“Moreover, if winning a battle was a unique achievement by ISIS, no one mentions it, or it might be mentioned reluctantly, like the liberation of the very important Eastern countryside of Hama,” Adnani continued.


He said he was not happy with the way the media exaggerated any mistakes by the ISIS by talking about it for days and reminding people of it, while quite the opposite is done when other battalions make mistakes and the media agencies turn a blind eye.


“Dispute and fighting between ISIS and other battalions are far less than the fighting that has happened between the battalions themselves," he siad. "We we have the number and proof of that."


The spokesman denied claims that ISIS fighters are staying in the liberated areas and are reluctant to fighting on the front lines. He also  denied the accusation ISIS betrayed the FSA.


The spokesman said everything that was said practically "turned truth upside down."


“The best example of that was when the Ahfad al-Rasool brigade fought us in Raqqa and Deir Al-Zor," he continued.


"We were about to win the coast battle and reach Qardaha. Moreover, the Northern Storm brigade started a battle with us in Aleppo countryside when we were about to win the battle in Hama countryside," he added.


Adnani denied any intention to exclude any party from the battle field,. “In contrast, many wish and work to exclude ISIS," he said.
In his statement, Adnani denied fighting or killing any dissident or anyone who opposed thr ISIS state rule, even rejecting accusations beheadings, skinnings and lashings.


In regard to fighting with Ahfad al-Rasool, the Northern Storm Brigade and and the Hilf al-Fodoul brigades, Adnana said that State never started fighting with them despite provocations against religion and Islam.


"We did not and will not start fighting with anyone, and we will keep peacel toward who is peaceful to us, and fight who fight us,” he said.


"If anyone can proove unfair treatment from us, we will seek the verdict of the Shariah courts, starting from our Emir, to the least-ranked fighter in the State," he concluded.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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