Kurdish Movement: Political Solution in Syria will be Exclusively Syrian

Movement says political solution is the only way to end violence

The Kurdish National Movement for Peaceful Change said the political solution in Syria will be exclusively Syrian, with the participation of all political powers in national dialogue to solve the crisis.


Commenting on a statement by The National Coordination Committee for the Forces of Democratic Change (NCC), which has claimed that many political powers and parties have authorized them to attend Geneva as representatives of all the Syrian people, the Movement said in a statement it believes that the political solution is only possible through engaging all political forces in the national dialogue "to escape the vortex of violence."


The movement said that national opposition powers from across the Syrian spectrum have worked -since the outset of the crisis- for a political solution and peaceful change, according to unwavering national principles irrespective of international political changes and the military situation.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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