Syrian Icon Hussein Harmoush Still Alive: Source

A prominent advocate for Syrian detainess said that the Lieutenant Colonel Hussein Harmoush is still alive and has not been executed as some believed

Artist Yara Sabri quoted an ex-prisoner freed recently saying the revolutionary icon and first Syrian Army defector was arrested and detained in Sednaya Military Prison near Damascus, Sabri posted the testimony on her Facebook page.


The source saw Harmoush last August in the so-called “Red Building,” one of the most secure places for important prisoners.


In January 2012, Syrian human rights watchdogs and activists said that soldiers from the Syrian Air Intelligence Force carried out the death sentence by firing squad against Harmoush.


Harmoush appeared in a video in June 2011 denouncing Assad’s regime and calling on fellow soldiers to rebel. Harmoush disappeared from a refugee camp where he had been living in Turkey on 29 August, 2011. He then appeared on Syria TV, contradicting previous statements he had made – under death threat, saying that "during my service in the Syrian army, nobody ordered me to fire at civilians."


The Syrian, Turkish, and Iranian intelligence were accused in bringing the dissident back to Syria.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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