Army Foils Terrorists Attempt to Infiltrate from Lebanon

Army units killed dozens and seized massive amounts of ammunition

Army units destroyed a car loaded with weapons and ammunition, killing and injuring dozens of terrorists in the areas of Douma, Daraya, Aliya farms, al-Ebb, and Shifouniyeh on the Lebanon border on Monday.


An army unit clashed with terrorists southwest of Beit Sham, leaving most of them dead or injured, while another unit confronted a terrorist group which attempted to sneak from the Yabroud area to Rima farms, also eliminating many of its members.


In Nabuk, further north, authorities seized large amounts of weapons and ammunition, including rocket propelled grenade launchers, an Israeli LAW rocket as well as other rockets and homemade explosive devices, dynamite, and 15 bags of explosive material.


An army unit also pursued a terrorist group near the Hasan Mosque in the Qaboun area and killed two of its members.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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