American Official Reveals Secret Communications with Regime

U.S. official says the balance of power is in favor of the regime


An American official has told reporters that the equation in Syria has changed in favor of the Syrian regime.


"The balance of military forces on the ground has turned in favor of the Syrian regime," the unnamed official said.


"We don’t want to interfere militarily for many reasons. We and the Russians agree on refusing any Islamic rule in Syria. We are trying to agree between our demand that Assad step down and preventing the establishment of an Islamic state", the official added.


When journalists asked why America doesn’t communicate directly with the regime, as Europeans do, the official smiled, adding: "Who told you we don’t? Should we declare it?"


The official also explained that there is a difference between the American and Saudi approaches towards the solution in Syria.


Serious talks are underway between the Russians and Americans about a political formula that can replace Geneva II. The tension in negotiations is at its peak and with success and failure equally possible.


The only obvious observation in the first round of negotiations is that the Syrian regime came to the conference more willingly than to Geneva I over 18 months ago. while the opposition came to the conference much more disassembled than it was in Geneva I.


It is not expected that the regime will accept dealings with the negotiations as if both parties are equal. The question is whether the Syrian National Coalition and its supporters will accept this. It seems that America has started to accept this reality.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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