Announcement of the Hazm Military Coalition

Salim Idriss was among those to announce the formation of the new military coalition

The Chief-of-Staff of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Salim Idriss was among those who participated in the declaration of a new military movement called "Hazm".


"Will face everyone who tries to change the principles of the revolution or offend the sacrifices of our people, our martyrs and Jihadists. We are committed to all the Jihadist factions fighting for the same cause, and we stress that supporting the revolutionary forces is the true guarantee for any political solution," the declaration statement said that the participating battalions read.


The statement promised to continue the fight until all the demands of Syrian people are achieved; to topple down the regime, regain freedom and establish the state of freedom and justice.


The factions who have signed on to the new movement include:  Farouq ash-Shamal, the Ninth Brigade, the First Armored Brigade, the Brigade of al-Iman Billah, the Battalion of Abi al-Hareth (Farouq Hama), the Battalion of Ahrar as-Salamieh, the Battalion of the Martyr Abdulrahman ash-Shamali, the Battalion of the Martyr Bakr Bakkar, the Battalion of Ahbab al-Rasoul, the Battalion of the Martyr Hamza Zakariya, the Battalion of al-Rasheed, the Battalion of Abu Asaad an-Nimr, the Brigade of Ahbab Allah, the Battalion of al-Fateh, the Brigade of al-Sitteen, the Battalion of Abdulrahman, the Battalion of the Martyr Abdulghaffar Hamish, the Battalion of Farouq al-Zaferaneh, the Battalion of the Martyr Abdullah Bakkar, the Battalion of the Rastan Martyrs, the Battalion of Ammar Tlas Ferzat, and the Battalions of Sawt al-Haq.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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