Opposition Forms Syrian Higher Educational Council

The Council's task is to organize the education for Syrian schools in neighboring countries

The Ministry of Education of the Syrian interim government declared on Monday the formation of the Syrian Educational Council.


The Council's task is to organize the education process between the ministries in these countries and all Syrian schools.


The decision was made as a result of the meeting between the headmasters of schools in Gaziantep on 7 December, 2013.


The advisor of the ministry, Abdulrahman al-Haj told the Coalition's media office that "the foundation of the Syrian Educational Council was made in coordination with the governments of neighboring countries. The Council will have a major role in organizing the educational process and control the chaotic situation of Syrian education in these countries."


"The Council is based outside Syrian territory and its mission is to supervise the educational process in Syrian schools outside Syria. The Council will respond to the needs of education in the neighboring countries, as well as to coordinate with officials in the regions where Syrian schools are available," al-Haj said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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